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22 July 2010 @ 03:03 am
I was hangin at Union for Long Island night with Justin and some friends and Jennifer Cooldge sat down next to me at our table. At first I couldn't believe it was actually her, but it was. She asked to try our drinks and of course we said yes. It was AWESOME. She went to her reserved table after that and we were totally next to her all night. At one point she handed my friend and I a shot to take with her. They were called gummy bears and I have no idea what was in them. Totally and awesome night and worth the hangover the next day. She was really nice and quite drunk. I would not want to be famous though. It was CRAZY with people asking for pics and being obnoxious. In other news I am playing in a LOTS RPG. It's cracked out and SOOOO much fun. It's totally eating away at my free time, which is good as I'm still unemployed (starting to be an issue since I don't have classes again until winter quarter due to crap scheduling in my program). I can't wait to finish my masters!
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13 July 2010 @ 03:50 pm
01 November 2009 @ 09:16 pm
She got to go see RENT in Cincinnati. Center front row balcony. Amazing seats. I was sooo jealous. You know what she did. She slept through the ENTIRE show. Doesn't even know what it's about. I wanted to smack her. I love her. But man, I would have LOVED to get to go to Cincinnati on a date and see RENT. I would not have slept through it. I would have had coffee and dealt with the ensuing insanity before I slept through it. Grrr....

As for me, I've been doing my homework. I'm almost done. It's been going pretty well. I only have two weeks left of classes, then it's major job hunt time. I feel good about things.
01 November 2009 @ 01:37 am
Yesterday I had an epic e campaign to get great seats to see Wicked in Dayton. I can't really afford an NYC trip, so Dayton will have to do. It was a challenge. I managed to trick the system to reserve a really good seat and keep it reserved for a long time before the tickets actually went on sale. When they did go on sale the system went nuts, but I still managed to get the ticket. Last Sunday matinee 4th row dead center. There weren't many ticket left as most went to season holders, so I got the best of what was left. I'm excited. I preplanned like crazy. I thought to myself, "Hmm...later is less likely to have blizzards and if there is one at least if I see the matinee I'll be driving when It's light out for the blizzard conditions" Staying home is not an option. I was cheap as heck last month, used tutoring money and cash from grandma to be able to buy my one ticket. My friends are not interested, so I go by myself. I'm okay with that. It means I don't have to worry about other people while I'm enjoying my show.

Halloween wasn't my best as far as introspection and personal truths went. I did figure out some things I didn't realize about myself in terms of how I came to be the way that I am and why I don't trust my mother at all. It was that time of the month, so a lot of my thoughts were, "Ouch. These cramps suck!" It was nice though. I always get a very warm peaceful feeling on Halloween. Mom is in Cincinnati, so it's extra peaceful. I'm in a great mood :)
29 October 2009 @ 07:17 pm
I got my ticket forgiven today! I got to do the end part of trick or treat. I was running my sister around before that and I need to recognize that wanting a ride to Kroger for yogurt means, dollar tree, kroger, walmart and the halloween store. It was cool though. My sister got me a little pizza and cookies from her dining hall swipe through. It was delicious. I like a whole wheat crust. I bought some sundries at walmart. I got to give out some candy when I got home to cute little children. I make them say, "trick or treat". Mom made fun of me for this. I say that without the threat of tricks my candy is my own. <3
29 October 2009 @ 01:40 am
What a great movie Into Temptation was. Kristen was amazing and I really enjoyed the way the priest was constructed. As a gay, I tend to view priests negatively. This one was really cool. The movie made me cry like crazy at the end. Like for at least a half hour solid and the movie had finished. It was good. It's also on the watch instantly if you have netflix people who may stumble upon this.

I had a crazy day Monday. I went and tutored.I get paid a bit, but not very much( way sub minimum wage). It's mostly just to get out of the house and to help a friend. I like to help my friends. Anyways. I stayed later than usual to help some other people in my class then I went to go buy cat food. Totally got a ticket. There was no where at all to park, so I tried a commuter lot. It was after 2 and they open to the public at 3. It didn't work out so well. Since I stayed late I couldn't get to parking services before they closed (you can get one ticket forgiven and it's my first). After getting cat food and calling my grandma, I went to meet my dad and sister for dinner. Town was way closed down for a trick or treat thing. I would up in a horrible traffic backup. Then someone was trying to get out of a spot in front of me. I backed up a tiny bit to let them out and put my blinker on to park. I was like. YAY! Some jerk goes and stands in the spot and is like all, "I have to park or I'll fail a class." I don't buy that for a second. You can miss any class right now cause of swine flu. People are out like crazy and it's accommodated. Also, he was out of the vehicle, meaning he could obviously walk to class if he wasn't the one driving. Anyways, he made it so I couldn't get in the spot and this his partner in being a douche pulled in behind me when I was trying to parallel  with some jerk making it so I couldn't. I missed the only movement we'd had in forever for nothing. I was livid. I was getting anxious from the traffic and being late...PMS was not helping matters. I finally made it to the parking garage and got to eat with Dad and Annie before they were finished. That was good. After dinner Daddy bought me ice cream. I love my Daddy.

Tuesday I slept a bunch. I didn't sleep well for a few days, so I was really nice. Today I designed my last wepage for one of my classes. I still have to fill in the content and make a vid, but it shouldn't be too bad. My other work doesn't look to bad either. I'm excited for halloween. I like to spend it in quiet contemplation. I'm in like party central, but I like my way. It's better than Christmas. Mom won't be here (jealous of her getting to see RENT in Cinci with her boyfriend). I debated dating someone way older than me who contacted me on OKCupid as It would be fun to go on dates nice places and they had a nice job.I just couldn't do it. I just get weirded out when people are way older than me. I'm way too long term. I don't want to lose my spouse when I'm still young. I know age isn't a guarantee, but I've lost people I've been close to before. It's too scary for me, at least for now.

That's all that's going on. I am going to Parking Services and tutoring tomorrow. Either I'm loaning my sister my car, or taking her to the store after I tutor.I want to be home by 5:30 though for trick or treat. I like to give out the candy to cute children. <3
12 September 2009 @ 02:45 pm
Well, classes have started up again. I am hopeful that I will actually learn something. It's still annoying, but I only have to go three times a term. I like that. I am going to try and get a job. No excuses. I have started to knit a Gryffindor scarf. It's still not very far along at all, but it's looking nice. Maybe a bit wide, but I was going for a bit scarf. I've never actually finished one, but my stitches look nice. It's just straight knitting. I like the look better than a stockinette. That and I like to not have to think. I just knit and watch Star Trek. Star Trek makes me happy.

I have been a bit depressed still. I have to take more classes for my masters than I thought I did. They are real jerks. I have a comp sci major and they won't let me out of basic programming. I hate bureaucracy. I have had more anxiety attacks lately. Ever since I had to take a nervous pill they've been bad. I don't want to let that stop me though. I am getting better at functioning while panicking.

This class is annoying. I've been here and hour and a half and we haven't covered anything. I just want to get to the web design part. I have the shaking suspicion that I already know most of what we'll cover. I shall endeavor to rise above because I really want to know web design. I got some design books and extra manuals. I jsut have to find the motivation to do something other than knit and watch the trek. I am in avoidance mode. Even my friend Justin, who I love, has gotten on my nerves. He invited me to a Desperate Housewives premier party and was a total bitch when I tried to get out of it. I don't watch Desperate Housewives. I don't like it that well. I just like to comment on the publicity photos. I don't like it after they open their mouths. At least there is decent TV starting again. I am excited like a crazy person for Grey's Anatomy.

A truth I've noticed recently: Life is mostly boring with a series of amazing moments that make everything else somewhat worth it.

Love to anyone who reads this!
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08 September 2009 @ 06:27 pm
So, things have been eventful since my last update to this seldom updated blog. My aunt passed away. It was sad, but I'm glad she's not in pain anymore. Lung cancer is not a pretty way to go. It really made it hard to look for a job or do much of anything. I'm not good

In happier news, I also finally go to go on a real date. I went with a very pretty and totally cool girl to COSI. It was fun and I thought it went well. It seemed to at any rate. It was almost like a day out of someone else's life. I was so nervous before the date I woke up sick to my stomach and having a panic attack. I had to take a half a nervous pill just to make it there. I had previously refused to take them, but I really really wanted to go and needed to be calm enough to drive into the city. I met the girl there and she was so very pretty in person. We met online (also something I normally refuse to do). We walked all over COSI and saw both imax shows. She was adorable riding the highwire unicycle since she's afraid of heights. It was a really wonderful day. I walked her to her car and we hugged and gave each other a quick peck on the lips. I gave her a few bucks for parking since she didn't have cash and was late to a family thing she she wanted to spend more time with me. It was the most fun i've had in a long time even though I got terribly lost since I copied the directions home wrong.

I don't think it's going well now though. I text her when I got home since she was a little worried as I'm an hour away from COSI. We talked some after and I told her I'd like to see her again. She said she would definitely see what she was up to and let me know. She hasn't talked to me since and this was like 2 days ago. She also changed her facebook status to, "It's complicated". I take this as a very bad sign since she seemed to have a lot going on with her ex. I don't want to im or text her as I would feel like a stalker since the ball is in her court. It's a bummer, but I'm so happy I actually go to go. I now have the goal of make it to a second date...lol.

I am in a hardcore debate of moving and taking whatever job I can in the city, or staying where I am and build a web portfolio to try and get a better job. I was more enthused about going in the city when I had more going on there. At least my classes seem like they will be better. I am excited for the class where we learn web design. I hope they are serious about it and not too easy. I just want to get my masters and teach community college. I like teaching. I am just torn between taking the chance and moving and staying where I am for more practical training. I am just so lost as to what to do.

PS The banner is from a banner competition I lost. It was stuff competition. I was tickled I even got votes. I just figured it should be shown somewhere as I like it,
10 June 2009 @ 07:00 pm
Well, I figured that I should post an update since I realized I left off rather angsty at the end of my last message. Things are going well in some areas. I'm feeling a lot more chipper and have my anxiety far more under control. I am chaning my grad program to one where I only have to go in 3 saturdays a term. This should let me get a job and maybe even move to Columbus where there are gay people to meet and things I can actually do. This makes me happy. I am also trying for an alternative lisensure thing to teach comp sci in sunny florida. I really do hate winter. My grandfather is doing alright now. It was touch and go for a while, but they were able to surgically remove the cancer. My aunt who was in remission, now has brain tumours. This doesn't look too good. It's sad, but I can accept it's what happens when you smoke multiple packs of cigarettes everyday for decades. She has kids though and it will be rough. Mom is often questionable with her crazy internet dating and i think it will make it worse. She's alsopossibly  in line to get the kids, which I doubt would end well since Mom has some serious issues. I will be there for her, but I might need to move on the quick (since we share a place while we both go to school). We were having issues before, but things have been pretty good lately. I'm really feeling a lot better about life and my prospects. I think I can do things I want to do and I'm tired of delaying things until a better time. Life really is too short and tenious to put things off. I really want to take a chance a meet new people.

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08 March 2009 @ 12:28 am
I don't write very well. I used to and I'm not 100% sure what happened. I will try and write some things here. I just don't know what I should write down. I like fanfiction, but my last attempt to write one didn't go very well. Maybe I'll try some short things.

Anyways, I am a 22 year old female grad student from Ohio. I want to teach computers and earth science. At least the computers anyway. I want to teach high school and I actually really like kids that age. I live in the middle of nowhere. That's all I can think of to write. <3